The Music Association was established in 1976 by a group of enthusiastic students who participated and promoted music in the school. Before 1976, the Students’ Association played the major role of organizing and promoting musical activities. With the increasing importance of cultural activities in Hong Kong, the school authorities realised that there was a pressing need for a specific organization responsible for the promotion of music at school, thus procuring the establishment of the Music Association.

Dr Lesley Ka-hei Chan

Dr Lesley Ka-hei Chan

Music Panel Head

Ms Agatha Ying-kwan Fung

Ms Agatha Ying-kwan Fung

Music Teacher

Mr Wai-leung Lo

Mr Wai-leung Lo

Chinese Orchestra Conductor

Mr Sum-yin Lau

Mr Sum-yin Lau

String Orchestra Conductor

Mr Kelvin Lung-shing Ngai

Mr Kelvin Lung-shing Ngai

Symphony Orchestra Conductor

Mr Richard To Fong

Mr Richard To Fong

Wind Band Conductor


Lunchtime Concert

Lunchtime Concert

Monthly    Lunchtime    School Hall, WYK

Lunchtime concert aims to provide a variety of musical events for Wahyanites to broaden their horizons and also give opportunity to nurture talented students.

Annual Concert

Annual Concert - Genesis

8 May 2016    19:00    Tsuen Wan Town Hall

The theme Genesis implies the beginning of our musicians' transcendence to a new era of musical development. The concert includes a great variety of performances, ranging from a cappella to orchestral and choral music.


21&26 Novemeber 2016

Musicus Society - WYK Violin / Percussion / String Ensemble; Cello + Quartet Private Coaching

26 November 2016

Form One Info Day

27 November 2016

Divas with Senior / Intermediate Choir performance

29 November 2016

Music Interflow

3 December 2016

60th Anniversary of Jesuit Presence in HK - Celebration Mass

11 December 2016

HK Criket Club Christmas Carol / Music Performance

18 December 2016

HK Country Club Christmas Carol

21 December 2016

Prof. Winzenburg Madrigal Singing Workshop

20-24 December 2016

26th Isabel Gentile & Roberto Abbondanza Vocal Masterclass

27-30 December 2016

2016 Christmas Music Camp for Choirs & Orchestras

28-31 December 2016

Junior Choir Music Day Camp

23 January 2017

Pre-competition Concert (Instrumental)

24 January 2017

Pre-competition Concert (Choral)



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